Alma Olavarría Gallegos

Headshot of Alma Olavarría Gallegos

Alma Olavarría Gallegos joined Access Living in April of 2022 as the Latinx and Immigrant Community Development Organizer, and she works as the staff liaison for Cambiando Vidas. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Critical Theory and Social Justice, and has organized around race equity, anti-gentrification, and environmental justice.

Prior to joining Access Living, Alma worked at Pegasus Legal Services for Children as a Paralegal and Training Organizer, where she worked closely with monolingual Spanish-speaking families in New Mexico to obtain legal support. Alma has also assisted in the implementation of a class action lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles for racist gang injunctions. She worked to forge connections between the law firm and community stake holders and collected and disseminated information regarding settlement benefits.

Alma enjoys dancing, farming, and learning about cyber security and privacy.