Step Ahead


Get a Step Ahead with Independent Living

As an individual with a disability living independently in the community, Access Living invites you to attend our Step Ahead program. The Step Ahead program is an opportunity to further develop independent living skills while giving you the resources you need to do so, at no cost to you.

Through various presentations and community-based outings, the program will provide you with community resources and information based on topics effecting the disability community, as well as opportunities to socialize with others.

Step Ahead meets the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00PM at Access Living, on Zoom, or at locations out in the community (time and day are subject to change).

By joining, you…

  • Meet and interact with others who live independently in the community
  • Learn more about
    living independently and about a variety of community resources
  • Get reimbursed for transportation costs

Depending on the topic, monthly meetings are either held virtually via Zoom, in person at Access Living, or at locations throughout the community. For more information, and to sign up, please contact the Independent Living Skills Trainer!


Tim Pagani

Independent Living Skills Trainer

(312) 640-2110