Action Alert: April 6, 2022


April 6, 2022 | by Jerome Palliser

Get HB 2775 Across the Finish Line!

Access Living friends and allies,

We’re continuing to work hard to advance housing opportunities with the Illinois legislature. HB 2775, the Source of Income bill, has passed the House and the Senate, but now there’s an amendment that the house needs to approve. At 9:30 tomorrow morning, there will be an important hearing on HB 2775, and we need your help to file witness slips!

File a Witness Slip as a Proponent of HB 2775

  1. You can file your witness slip for HB 2775 using this website.
  2. If you can slip on behalf of your organization, include your organization name under “Representation.” You can also just put “self.”
  3. For your position, select “Proponent” [MAKE SURE YOU CHECKED THE CORRECT BOX!]
  4. Under “Testimony” select “Record of Appearance Only.”
  5. Agree to the “Terms of Agreement” and click on the “Create(Slip)” button

You’ll receive a copy of your witness slip via email. Please share with other concerned Illinois advocates to take action TODAY. Thanks for your support!

Further reading on HB 2775

As you may recall, we are working with housing advocacy colleagues to end source of income discrimination statewide. As stated by Housing Action Illinois:

“People seeking rental housing are regularly denied the opportunity to even apply for available housing opportunities simply because landlords or property management companies choose not to accept their legal form of payment. This includes Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Housing Choice Vouchers, veteran vouchers, child support, emergency COVID assistance and any other “non-wage” forms of rent payment. This is known as source of income (SOI) discrimination.

Denials based on SOI disproportionately limit the housing choices of people who are Black, Latinx, persons with disabilities, and female heads of households. Denials based on SOI offer a legal pretext to refuse housing to persons often otherwise protected against discrimination in fair housing law… By passing a bill to protect against source of income discrimination, Illinois will join a group of 19 states and Washington D.C., which already have similar protections.”