Defending Our Rights


Disability rights are human rights

Disability issues impact us all

Every issue facing society today can and should be seen through a disability lens. That’s why Access Living lifts the voices of people with disabilities to get a place for us at many tables where important decisions are made. 

It’s a turbulent time. Attempts to stoke fear, segregate, and divide are widespread. ​Disabled people of color are particularly at risk. In the face of it all, we continue to make sure the voices of our consumers with disabilities are heard.

Our areas of focus

We do ​grassroots organizing and systems advocacy at the local, state and national levels, and coordinate with a wide range of policymakers. Our current areas of advocacy include:

We also offer legal services for disability-related discrimination.

We know first-hand that disability changes things.  It changes opportunity. It changes possibility.  It changes perception. But it shouldn’t limit any of those things.

Along with challenges come new opportunities, new possibilities, and new perceptions that can help build a better world for everyone. That’s why advocacy, policy work, and defending our rights is part of our DNA.

Woman in a wheelchair holds a sign that reads disability rights are human rights.
Access Living’s Marca Bristo at the Disability Pride Parade in Chicago holding a sign that says, ‘Disability Rights are Human Rights.’