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Advocacy Alert: 6/24/22


June 24, 2022 | by Amber Smock

The Supreme Court today overturned the right to abortion. A statement just released from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), linked below, talks about the impact this decision has on the disability comminity, and it is an important read we wanted to elevate to you.

DREDF is a national cross-disability civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities.

DREDF Statement on the Supreme Court’s Ruling Overturning the Right to Abortion

Disabled people have the right to self-determination and bodily autonomy. We have the right to make our own decisions. Our human rights include reproductive rights. Abortion rights are disability rights.

People with disabilities already face barriers to abortion and contraception. Sex ed is not accessible to us. Health care and telehealth are not accessible. Transportation is not accessible.

We are more likely to live in poverty and we are more likely to rely on the government for health care. Many of us are multiply marginalized.

Read full statement.