Illinois DRS Disability Employment Survey Now Open


March 31, 2023 | by Amber Smock

The Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) wants to hear from you – Survey Closes April 11, 2023

If you live in Illinois and you use DRS services, there is now an online Needs Assessment Survey. This survey mainly focuses on DRS employment services. The survey asks about different parts of your DRS experience, and asks for input on what could be done better. It is very, very important that DRS hears from as many DRS customers as possible.

Where is the DRS Needs Assessment Survey? Take the survey online at this link. DRS customers and/or their legal guardians can full the survey out. In addition, service providers, partnership agencies, teachers and employers of people with disabilities can also fill the survey out. This is specific ONLY for Illinois. All responses are anonymous. The survey can be done in English, Spanish, Polish, Tagalog, Arabic or Chinese.

Why is the survey important? Overall, the survey seeks information that can help DRS support more people with disabilities in becoming employed. Among other things, it aims to collect information about the wide variety of disabilities among DRS customers, as well as groups like LGBTQIA* folks, people returning from incarceration, veterans, refugees, and many others. The more information DRS has about its customers, the better guidance they will have for accessibility and cultural competence in providing employment services.

When does the survey close? April 11! Be sure to fill it out before then.

How can the community help? There are many current and potential DRS customers who may have difficulty completing the online survey, for disability-related reasons. Providers, teachers, family members and employers are encouraged to assist people with disabilities in filling out the form. DRS customers are also encouraged to contact their DRS counselors for assistance in doing the survey. We strongly emphasize that anyone assisting a person with a disability with the online survey should mark/write their responses as the person dictates, without changes. To the greatest extent possible, DRS needs to hear directly from people with disabilities.

Please share this important feedback opportunity with Illinois folks who care about disability and employment.

Thank you for your advocacy!