COVID-19, Virtual Events, and Digital Accessibility


November 16, 2020 | by Ashley Eisenmenger

Lead On LIVE: Access Living’s Gala…Reimagined

Virtual. Accessible. Open to all.

What does a fully accessible virtual event look and sound like? Join us on November 18 and find out!

For people around the world, virtual and digital events are now the way we work, learn, collaborate, and engage during COVID-19, and digital accessibility has become more important than ever. With Access Living’s upcoming virtual gala, Lead On LIVE, a great deal of thought went in to ensuring this event is accessible for as many people as possible, so we wanted to highlight some of the accessibility features you’ll experience on November 18.

ASL Interpretation

There will be a Certified Deaf Interpreter interpreting the entire show into American Sign Language. Visual language interpretation provides deaf/Deaf people access to the auditory content of programs.

Closed Captioning

There will also be captions scrolling across the bottom of your screen. This is another way for people with AND without disabilities to access the content in our show and engage with it fully; We all benefit from accessibility options. Captions are commonplace, but you’ll notice that we have made them a standard part of our program, rather than an option you can turn on and off.

Audio Description

You’ll occasionally hear a voice off-screen narrating what is visually taking place on screen. This accommodation is called audio description and is used by people who are blind or visually impaired so that we can access and understand the visual aspects of a show.

Spanish Language Interpretation

Spanish audio translation is available for the main program. Simply dial the call in number on our program page to access it.

We’re so excited that we can offer this kind of accessibility. We hope they improve the experience for many of our viewers and demonstrate that there are accessibility options that any individual, company, nonprofit, church, school, or other organization can utilize in their own event planning, whether they’re hosting a virtual fundraiser or an in-person town hall. Accessibility benefits every single one of us while ensuring inclusion for people with disabilities.

Lead On Live: Access Living’s Gala…Reimagined is free to attend and open to the public. To learn more about our event and to register, click here.