Access Living Supports Chicago Teachers Union’s school-level staffing requests


October 18, 2019 | by Bridget Hayman


Chris Yun

Education Policy Analyst

(312) 640-2134

Access Living has been fiercely advocating for our students with disabilities in Chicago. For years, we have witnessed how our students with disabilities’ rights to education have been violated as a result of the district’s systemic violation of special education laws, staffing shortages and lack of resources.

CPS schools are in dire need of more nurses, social workers, and case managers to provide meaningful educational services to students with disabilities as required by law. Moreover, having sustainable neighborhood schools with the right class size and equitable resources will benefit every student and community in Chicago.

We support Chicago Teachers Union’s school-level staffing requests impacting students with disabilities and appreciate teachers and school service workers’ endeavor to bring equitable education to all students including students with disabilities.