What are the key issues facing immigrants with disabilities in Illinois?


November 3, 2021 | by Amber Smock

Disability and Immigration Survey – Closes Nov. 9

Access Living friends and allies,


Michelle Garcia

Manager of Organizing and Community Development


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Do you know about the DITI? 

DITI stands for the Disability and Immigration Taskforce of Illinois. DITI is comprised of disability advocates and allies who are passionate about supporting the needs of immigrants with disabilities. Right now, DITI needs your help! DITI has created a survey to identify the key issues facing immigrants with disabilities in Illinois.

We really need your help to amplify this survey!

[Quick link to the DITI survey here]  

We really need your help to amplify this survey to immigrants across Illinois. The DITI survey covers topics such as:

  • Housing, personal assistant needs, and more.
  • The information collected will ONLY be utilized by the DITI to determine the needs of immigrants with disabilities and their support persons.
  • The survey is available in English, Spanish, Polish, Arabic and Chinese.
  • The deadline is November 9

Immigrants with disabilities have long contributed to our society in countless ways. However, the current immigration system has many flaws which can make life challenging for immigrants with disabilities in particular. For example, the public charge rule crisis directly targeted immigrants with disabilities who are more likely to need to use public benefits. Another example is that dealing with the education system can be very challenging for parents who are immigrants with disabilities, as well as for students with disabilities who are immigrants. DITI is working hard to help figure out how to close gaps in services and supports.

Access Living is also a proud member of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). Check out www.icirr.org to learn about the latest advocacy for immigrants overall in Illinois.

Want to learn more about the DITI? Contact Access Living’s Manager of Organizing and Community Development, Michelle Garcia, at mgarcia@accessliving.org. Michelle also coordinates Cambiando Vidas, our grassroots organizing group focus don immigrant/Latinx issues. We’re always happy to make new connections!

Please share this message widely around Illinois, so folks can fill out the form by November 9. Thank you for your support.