Policy Positions & Legal Cases

Town Hall: Emergency Response Alternatives in Illinois


Join Access Living for a Virtual Town Hall at 6 p.m. Monday, July 13 to learn about the Community Emergency Services...

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Action Alerts

Action Alert and Updates from Access Living: April 23, 2020


Dear Access Living friends and allies, Today, we'd like to highlight one action alert opportunity and some news stories about...

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Policy Positions & Legal Cases

Spotlight: Disability, Covid-19, and Jail Incarceration


Dear Access Living friends and allies, Today, we want to spotlight the crisis facing incarcerated people with disabilities during the...

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4/2: COVID-19 Updates From Access Living


Dear Access Living friends and allies, We have a mix of updates for you today. Please be sure to read...

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Press Releases & Statements

Report: Jails Overlook Opportunities to Address Disability Despite Prevalence of Disability in Jailed Population


CHICAGO — Access Living today released a report highlighting the failure of the criminal justice system to adequately address and...

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