Tim Granzow

Headshot of Tim Granzow

Tim Granzow was absolutely thrilled in joining Access Living in January 2021 as a Personal Assistant Training Coordinator. He earned his associate’s in criminal justice from Wright College in 2015 and is continuing in his studies to obtain his bachelor’s in justice studies at Northeastern Illinois University. Prior to Access Living, Tim worked in positions in which he supported students with disabilities to achieve success in their studies. As a Personal Assistant Training Coordinator at Access Living, Tim provides support to the disability community by developing and implementing the Personal Assistant (PA) Program, in which he ensures that consumers are sent referrals for employing PAs, training individuals to become PAs, and maintaining a pool of available PAs for the Access Living PA Registry. In 2022 he was promoted to Senior PA Training Coordinator.

Tim’s passion for supporting the disability community comes from a personal place. He is an individual with Autism and has been on the Autism Spectrum Disorder since birth. He uses his story as encouragement and inspiration to others, having come a long way from being non-verbal and dealing with many traumatic experiences in growing up with Autism. His desire is to give back to the disability community and finds it a blessing to be able to do so through his work at Access Living. Outside of the office, Tim loves to travel, attend church, writing and being an avid mac & cheese eater.