Access Living works to ensure people with disabilities receive quality healthcare

Our healthcare policy work is geared toward access, community choices, and quality, well-funded health options for people with disabilities. 

Resource: Webinar Library – Palliative Care and Disability Webinar with the HAP Foundation

Issues we work on include: 

  • Financing healthcare for people with disabilities to address disparities and discrimination in health insurance and social safety net programs
  • Rebalancing our state‚Äôs spending on long-term care services toward home and community based services
  • Enforcing Olmstead to ensure the civil right of people with disabilities to live in the community, not institutions or nursing homes
  • Ensuring hospital access so that people with disabilities live healthy lives
  • Addressing mental health so that people know their rights and have access to care
  • Regulating drug prices

Access Living couples these policy efforts with our healthcare community organizing group, Taskforce for Attendant Services (TFAS). People with disabilities and their allies are encouraged to join.