Aiming to Reduce Incarceration of People with Disabilities

In 2018, the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge awarded Access Living a one-year planning grant to research, analyze, and report on how to reduce the incarceration of people with disabilities, with an initial focus on the Cook County criminal justice system. In December of 2019, Access Living published Access to Justice: A Cross-Disability Perspective on Reducing Jail Incarceration, and policy recommendations for reducing the incarceration of people with disabilities.

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Over the next two years, additional funding from the MacArthur Safety and Justice challenge will allow Access Living to continue its work in disability and the criminal justice system.

The work includes pushing for the adoption of our expanded Policy Recommendations:

  • Promoting the Community Emergency Services and Support Act (CESSA)
  • Demanding True Police Reform
  • Expanding Medicaid Enrollment Services in Jails
  • Removing Barriers to Re-Entry by Introducing ADA/504 Policy Modifications and Reforms to Existing Probation and Supervised Release Housing Requirements
  • Addressing Disability Discrimination in Pre-Trial Risk Assessment Tools.

Review detailed policy recommendations and our original eight recommendations. In partnership with impacted people, community partners, Access Living is dedicated to reaching its goal of reducing incarceration rates of people with disabilities. For more information, please contact our Disability and Incarceration Policy Analyst. 

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