Housing Counseling


Please note: Access Living is NOT a residential facility, nor do we operate residential facilities.

Housing Counseling

The Housing Counseling program at Access Living provides guidance and education on housing stability for renting to Chicagoans with disabilities. Our services include:

  • Education around the dos and don’ts of renting (e.g. tenant rights and responsibilities, signing a lease, abiding by rules of tenancy, understanding financial obligations such as move in fees, etc.)
  • Assisting eligible people with disabilities in applying for the waitlists for low-income housing and other current programs
  • When needed, assisting with housing-related reasonable accommodation requests
  • Providing conflict resolution support between renters and landlords
  • Education and/or guidance around eviction

Access Living is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) that serves people with disabilities in Chicago. If you are located in another part of Illinois or in a different state, please contact your local CIL for services. You can find the address and contact information for your local CIL here.

To inquire about our current housing counseling services, or to learn more, please contact Wanda Lopez, Access Living’s Housing Supervisor.


Wanda Lopez

Housing Supervisor


(312) 640-2153


Annika Andersson

Housing Counseling Assistant


(312) 640-2174


Other Housing Resources:

Emergency Housing:

Access Living does not offer emergency transitioning or housing services. If you are in need of emergency housing or shelter, please contact the City of Chicago through 311.

Crisis Lines:

  • Suicide/Self-harm: NAMI Chicago – (833) 626-4244
  • Sexual Violence/Rape: Chicago Rape Crisis Line – (888) 293-2080
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic Violence Crisis Line – (877) 863-6338
  • Mental Health: Trilogy Behavioral Health Crisis Line – (800) 322-8400